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Testimonials Page
A+E Logo

A+E Networks

"Thank you again for all the truly amazing work you did to make the event on the 3rd of September such a spectacular success!"

"Let's do another one again soon!"

– All the best,
Marcus Robinson

AMC Logo


"Diane, thank you for making me and AMC look so great." 
(Goodfellas Event, November, 2002)
– Ellen Kroner,
SVP Public Relations, AMC
"On behalf of everyone at American Movie Classics, thank you for your focused attention to the MonsterFest Hot Air Balloon Tour. I will always be grateful for your tenacity, your hard work and your boundless energy. In additional to the millions of details you managed for our department, you also made a fabulous trip for the Ad Sales staff and clients"
– Jacqueline Majers,
Director of Marketing, AMC

Rainbow Media Logo

"Josh's holiday dinner was a resounding success - you are the best - You did a kick-ass event for us!" 
– Christine Bragan,
VP Publicity, AMC Networks
"I know the planning for this happened so fast and was a lot of work. But it was a great event and we couldn't have done it without you!!"
– Christine Bragan,
(VP Publicity, AMC Networks)
"I've known and worked with Diane for nearly a decade. She is the consummate professional and a top notch event planner. Her attention to detail, her dedication and her enthusiasm are all unequaled. She works tirelessly and does so with a smile. I can offer her my highest recommendation." 
– Evan Shapiro, President at Participant Television,
(formerly of AMC Networks)
"Thank you for all of your hard work on the party Friday. It was an important event for Rainbow, and a resounding success! The branding was fun, from the evites to the raffle tickets; it set the right vibe for the evening. The network-themed areas were great, the food was perfect and the raffle worked flawlessly. Employees really enjoyed themselves, so much so that I fear they will want us to do it again...). So many, many thanks!!"
– Christine Bragan,
(VP Publicity, AMC Networks)
"Words cannot describe how I am feeling right now. Simply put, this was the greatest send off I could ever was exactly what I had hoped for...I mean seriously, let's take a moment-Elvis was there!" 
– Matt Frankel,
former VP Corporate Communications, Rainbow Media (prior to his new post as Chief Communications Officer, SVP Corporate Affairs for The Weinstein Company)

Court TV Logo

Court TV - Now Tru TV

"We've never had such unique or memorable events at Court TV Each event was made special with Diane's uniquely talented vision."
– Henry S. Schleiff,(former Chairman & CEO, Court TV)
"Diane brings unparalleled passion, flair and attention to detail to every event she touches. I have seen Diane perform magic time and again. She never fails to deliver!" 
– Rochelle DiRe (former EVP Human Resources, Court TV)
"Diane was responsible for running all the events at Court TV for all divisions - and she managed everything perfectly, every time. Diane has excellent taste and pays attention to the littlest details resulting in wonderful, stress-free events. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again." 
– Debbie Reichig, Principal at In Focus Media Consulting
(former SVP Ad Sales Research, Court TV)
"From getting us in and out of Little Haiti alive, well-fed and productive, to getting us in and out of airports, conference rooms, restaurants, hotel rooms and the like, on time and well taken care of. Thanks to Diane for her care and support—we've now kicked off the Year productively and in style."
– Charlie Collier,
(former EVP, GM Advertising Sales, Court TV)
"You can't teach cool and you can't teach creativity, either. Diane pulled this party together and oversaw every detail—down to the two adorable Dalmatians welcoming the guests at the door—with creativity, cool and hard work thrown in as well." 
– Debbie Reichig,
SVP Sales Strategy, Court TV
"Just a note of appreciation for all the care and attention over the last couple of days. The TCA and both screenings, let alone the receptions and dinners were handled with extraordinary taste and creativity—really a fantastic job!" 
– Henry S. Schleiff, Chairman & CEO, Court TV
" Diane and I worked together at Court TV Networks in NYC. I served as the art director on many of the corporate event planning projects which she led. I found her to be a very creative and strategic thinker with an enormous attention to detail.

"She successfully designed and executed the most important events for our Sr. Executives with exceeding style and grace.

"Diane is a rare talent… her light shines brightly" 

– Lary Tuckett, Sr,
Designer, Turner Entertainment Networks
"Diane was the consummate professional when it came to making an event work -- not just to entertain, but also to achieve the specific purpose the meeting/event was designed to accomplish. If you were paying attention, you could see that her attention to the details had made everything work harmoniously; if you were not paying attention, you just thought -- what a great event!! And she made it all look so easy -- with her smile always radiating confidence and success!" 
– Douglas Jacobs,
EVP& General Counsel, Court TV
" Tonight I received multiple comments that our guests 'felt spoiled,' and that we are 'thinking of everything.' From the gift bag to the place cards, you made it happen and I appreciate it!  It's not lost on me how much you've put into this trip (to Sundance), and I appreciate it." 
– Charlie Collier,
EVP, GM Advertising Sales, Court TV

Downtown Little League

Downtown Little League

"YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!! One thousand or so of our kids and families thank you!" 
– Bill Martino, President, DLL

Fuse Logo


"Thank you so much for the fantastic weekend. That was one of the neatest things I've done in quite some time. The food was out of this world, the amenities were ridiculous, and the fun ... well, you were there for the fun! I think I finally recovered today." 
"I had a BLAST and thank you SO much for it all."
"My clients had a wonderful time. I am so impressed with the great job you did, with all the coordination you had to do. It was truly a great first Fuse event!" 
"Thank you so much for organizing all of our travel plans and the actual event! We had a blast, and it was so great to meet you. Hopefully we can be a part of another Diane Event in the near future."
"Thank you so much for your hard work—everything went so smoothly." 
"I can't remember the last time I've had that much fun, and it was so apparent to me that you all put your blood, sweat and tears into making this weekend an overwhelming success."

Lifetime Logo

Insider Experience

"From the initial conversations we were having regarding the program, you were a breath of fresh air. Your ideas and can-do attitude was well received. In the lead up, your professionalism and strong communication made me feel comfortable at all stages. Onsite, your team delivered brilliance. We can't wait to work with you again."
– Client, New York Program, April 2014.

Lifetime Logo

Lifetime Television Networks

"You've given me one of my most memorable experiences!"
"From beginning to end, Diane did a great job. We have traveled on many trips…this one was perfect." 
– Allen and Tina M., St. Louis, MO
"I would recommend Diane & Main Event again." 
– Tracie C., Boston, MA
"Loved the shopping tour!" 
– Tabitha S., The Woodlands, TX
"Diane and Rasheda rock!" 
– Audrey P., Boston, MA
"Everything from organizing the trip to the outings was very well-planned!" 
– Rusty A., LA, CA
"Very well put-together. You've given me one of my most memorable experiences." 
– Claudia D., Atlanta, GA
"As amazing as the whole trip was, I have to say Diane and Rasheda were the highlight! Remarkable ladies. This trip was definitely top five on my all-time list. Mandatory nap time might be a future consideration!" 
– Colleen L., Denver, CO
"Diane and Rasheda provided a professional and fun environment and spoiled their guests rotten!" 
– Linda V., Denver, CO
"Everything was done first class with a red carpet. Well-planned and executed. Staff members were PHENOMENAL." 
– Marco and Teri M., San Antonio, TX
"Diane and Rasheda were awesome!!" 
– Debby P, Clearwater, FL
"The luncheon was the highlight for me. The location was breathtaking and meeting Tim Gunn was quite a treat…Diane and Rasheda rock!!" 

Manhattan Youth Logo

Manhattan Youth

"It was a really outrageous job you did. You put your heart and soul into it, and I thank you so, so much." 
– Bob Townley,
Executive Director, Manhattan Youth
"I was thoroughly impressed with your professionalism and kindness. Thanks to you, the party was an incredibly wonderful experience for everyone. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!" 
– Russ Schulman, Manhattan Youth
"Thank you, Diane, for all your great help with this party—I know we're a motley crew and you really rolled with it all, with grace, humor, aplomb—and reassurance. You made it fun." 
– Maria Reidelbach,
Art Director, Manhattan Youth

MAT Logo


"In the public school sector, it is not only rare to come across a parent that has the ability to change the entire dynamic of a learning institution, it is almost impossible. Diane Rohan has made it look easy…. Diane co-chaired a huge fund raising project called the "PS 126/MAT Funland Sports Carnival," which consistently raised over $12,000 every year she was in charge of it. Diane worked tirelessly for this event, giving her own free time to plan strategies, work and collaborate with other people and write to organizations and corporations for help." 
– John DeMatteo, Athletic Director, P.S. 126/M.A.T.
"Thank you for everything you have done for the sports program over the last three years…We couldn't have done it without you." -Rob Mehan, Assistant Athletic Director, P.S. 126/M.A.T.

"You rescued us from a situation that was quickly unraveling, and I thank you for your dedication and hard work…I have been singing your praises. You did an amazing job and we would have had anywhere near the success we did if were not leading the charge in the right direction." 

– Rebecca Johnson, Parent Coordinator, P.S. 126/M.A.T.

NBC Universal Logo

NBC Universal

"Dear Diane: Thank you so much for all of your help over the past six weeks. I know I threw a million things at you and left you completely on your own, but you handled it all like a champ. You have been a rock star, and I am incredibly grateful." 
– Blaise Cashen, SVP Corporate Events, NBC Universal
"Thanks for everything, Diane.  It was a great day." 
– Lauren Z, Chairman,
Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media, NBCUniversal
"These pictures are great, Diane!  Thanks for taking them.  And thanks for all your help in preparing for the event, and especially the day of. Couldn’t have done it without you." 
– Tom N., Group Director
"Hi Diane—thanks so much for your help with the tech event this morning.  It went really well and we’ve been getting great feedback.  Thanks for sticking with us through it all, and great job all around." 
– Bari K., VP, Marketing & Events
"…congratulations on an amazing event today.  Everyone did a terrific job, from the …presentations to the seamless event logistics..." 
– Nick Lehman, President, Entertainment and Digital Networks, NBCUniversal
"…it was an incredibly well-done event." 
– Lauren Z.

Newman's Own Logo

Newman's Own

"Okay, how tired are you of me telling you that you're T-E-R-R-I-F-I-C? I wish you were around to soak in all the praise that is coming in after last night's 20th Anniversary Party at the Boathouse. Joanne (Woodward) said 'this is the first time we truly enjoyed ourselves'. Wow. You deserve a huge hunk of credit your willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve perfection, your unflagging cheer, and your great sense of humor make working with you a dream. Everything went so flawlessly, Diane. It was such a blessing to me to have everyone perform their tasks to perfection, though you tower above the rest."
– Kirsten McKamy, Manager, Public Relations, Newman's Own
"Thank you for all your help on our 9th Annual Newman's Own/Good Housekeeping Contest. Your responsiveness, never-ending patience and attention to detail made our event a raging success!"
– Kirsten McKamy, Manager, Public Relations, Newman's Own
Notre Dame

Notre Dame Preparatory

"First of all, what a wonderful evening! Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed, and to Diane and Katie for overseeing such a pleasant event. It really was a beautiful evening; the weather, the setting, and the food seemed to be perfect. My only regret was that the evening went by so quickly that it was impossible to find time to catch up with everyone the way I wanted to."
– Cathy F.F.
"Many, many thanks for the fabulous evening. My only regret is that there were some girls I still didn't get a chance to talk to!! You all look great and I wish I had had the chance to really catch up with ALL of you!!!"
– Mary Pat M.O
"Hi Diane, Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job to make our reunion so special! It was great seeing everyone and sharing our NDP memories and catching up on our lives now. ..The food and atmosphere were perfect! A big thank you to Katie and the staff at the Governor's Mansion for hosting. So gracious and welcoming!"
– Kay A.C
"You did a fabulous job! We all had such a great time and it was a real thrill to be at the Government House."
– Carolyn C.G.
"Thank you for donating your time and for the gift bags and to the entire committee for all their hard work. And a BIG thank you to Katie for hosting this beautiful event!!"
– Marianne W.
"You did a wonderful job planning our reunion. The venue, food...everything was just great. Best of all was seeing so many of my NDP friends and realizing what amazing women we've grown into. Thanks for making the 30th such a blast. Thanks to all those at the Governor's Mansion for making our reunion so memorable, and especially to Katie and Martin O'Malley for sharing their home with us."
– Suzanne M.D.
"It was a wonderful evening – kudos to all who planned the event. It was great to see everyone – we are such a well preserved group! Looking forward to future reunions."
– Laurie G.
"Diane, Thank you soooooo much for all of your hard work and energy in making our 30th Reunion my favorite reunion!!!!!!! LOVED SEEING EVERYONE......We are like a "fine wine"......improving with age.....Thanks a million again......You rock!"
– Kellie M.C.
Outdoor Channel Logo

Outdoor Channel

"Thanks, Di! It went really well and everyone had a great time—thanks for all your effort and hard work—it showed and it paid off!!"
– Glenn Dolce, VP Ad Sales, Outdoor Channel
"Diane is the very best event planner I have ever had the pleasure of working with... She is detailed, creative and hard-working."
– Glenn Dolce, VP Ad Sales, Outdoor Channel

Social Clients


"Thank you for your welcoming spirit, boundless energy and supportive friendship."
– xoxo
Linnea Roberts
"Dear Diane:
It was such a pleasure planning the party with you. We appreciate all your hard work, creative input, and most of all your friendship."
– Love,
Ron and Sheryl
"You’ve outdone yourself!"
– Neil deGrasse Tyson
W Magazine Logo

W Magazine

"Thanks for your help on the Elephant Party. It was a huge success and we could not have done it without you!"
– Jinny Healey, Assoc. Publisher, Marketing, W Magazine
"Diane, it was wonderful working with you on the Elephant Event!"
– Jessie Rubin, Marketing Assistant, W Magazine

Walt Disney® Logo

Walt Disney Motion Pictures®

"Dear Di, thanks again for the brilliant job you did on the Kundun Event. It was a pleasure working with you." 
– Diane Connors, Vice President,
Special Events, Walt Disney Studios
"Thank you so much for being my eyes and ears in NY on the "Mulan" project. It all came together nicely and I felt much better knowing you were involved. It's a pleasure working with such a professional. All the best!"
– Diane Connors, Vice President,
Special Events, Walt Disney Studios
Contact Diane Rohan, Chief Entertainment Officer: • 917-375-1596