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Though our emphasis is on Corporate Events, occasionally there will be a client who requests a social event, such as an AMC Networks Executive who hired ME for his wife’s surprise 50th Birthday party at David Bouley’s loft in 2007.

Continuing with the 50th Birthday party theme, I recently planned my husband’s party at New York Vintners in their wine cellar. The birthday boy knew the location, worked with me and sommelier Georgi Vladimirov on the wines and Chef Ryan Smith on the menu, but I surprised him with flowers from our favorite floral designer, Atsuko Okano from Flowers Rock, as well as a birthday cake from Duane Park Patisserie with the party logo silkscreened on top. The biggest surprise was a huge poster, with descriptive adjectives from his friends and family, a memorabilia wall, presentations from guests on their memories, and a printed and bound timeline of his life. The pressure was on!

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