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"First of all, what a wonderful evening! Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed, and to Diane and Katie for overseeing such a pleasant event. It really was a beautiful evening; the weather, the setting, and the food seemed to be perfect. My only regret was that the evening went by so quickly that it was impossible to find time to catch up with everyone the way I wanted to."

Cathy F.F.

"Many, many thanks for the fabulous evening. My only regret is that there were some girls I still didn't get a chance to talk to!! You all look great and I wish I had had the chance to really catch up with ALL of you!!!"

Mary Pat M.O.

"Hi Diane, Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job to make our reunion so special! It was great seeing everyone and sharing our NDP memories and catching up on our lives now. ..The food and atmosphere were perfect! A big thank you to Katie and the staff at the Governor's Mansion for hosting. So gracious and welcoming!"

Kay A.C.
"You did a fabulous job! We all had such a great time and it was a real thrill to be at the Government House."

Carolyn C.G.

"Thank you for donating your time and for the gift bags and to the entire committee for all their hard work. And a BIG thank you to Katie for hosting this beautiful event!!"

Marianne W.

"You did a wonderful job planning our reunion. The venue, food...everything was just great. Best of all was seeing so many of my NDP friends and realizing what amazing women we've grown into. Thanks for making the 30th such a blast. Thanks to all those at the Governor's Mansion for making our reunion so memorable, and especially to Katie and Martin O'Malley for sharing their home with us."

Suzanne M.D.

"It was a wonderful evening – kudos to all who planned the event. It was great to see everyone – we are such a well preserved group! Looking forward to future reunions."

Laurie G.

"Diane, Thank you soooooo much for all of your hard work and energy in making our 30th Reunion my favorite reunion!!!!!!! LOVED SEEING EVERYONE......We are like a "fine wine"......improving with age.....Thanks a million again......You rock!"

Kellie M.C.
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Notre Dame Preparatory

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Founded by the School Sisters of Notre Dame in 1873, NDP has grown into one of the nation's leading college prep high schools by creating an environment where students are guided by Catholic Christian values,Class of '81 Groupshot taught by devoted teachers, and challenged with an abundance of sports and other extracurricular activities. Their mission statement is: "Committed to academic excellence, spiritual growth and the practice of justice in the school community, in the Church and in the world."

I am proud to call NDP my alma mater, and in June of 2011, was honored to coordinate our reunion at the Government House in Annapolis, MD. Happy Hours on Friday night at alumnae-owned Souris Saloon and Greene Turtle (both in Towson, MD) led off the weekend. The cocktails and dinner at the Government House were enjoyed by the greatest turn-out ever- almost 50% of our class showed. It was a marvelous time in an unparalleled setting, thanks to the graciousness of fellow Alumna and "Maryland's First Lady, the Honorable Katie Curran O’Malley.”

Above photos by Mary Carole Curran • click here for her website

NYC Alumnae Reception

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