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Diane was hired in July of 2012 to cover for the Special Events team while they were in London for the XXX Olympic Games.  Over the course of two months, Diane oversaw events that had been planned by the team, created and executed three events, and planned for several more future events.  Highlights included an internal event which brought the latest in technology to hundreds, including a raffle with prizes such as the new iPad,  xBox Kinect and Google Nexus 7.  She also coordinated a scavenger hunt in Brooklyn for the Ad Sales team, including ground and water transportation and a dinner in Vinegar Hill, as well as an internal barbecue in Saltaire, Fire Island for 45 guests.  Future events include location scouts for the Daily Candy “Start Small, Go Big” event in October, plus other internal off-sites to locations in upstate New York, New England and Florida.


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Contact Diane Rohan, Chief Entertainment Officer: • 917-375-1596