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"In the public school sector, it is not only rare to come across a parent that has the ability to change the entire dynamic of a learning institution, it is almost impossible. Diane Rohan has made it look easy…. Diane co-chaired a huge fund raising project called the "PS 126/MAT Funland Sports Carnival," which consistently raised over $12,000 every year she was in charge of it. Diane worked tirelessly for this event, giving her own free time to plan strategies, work and collaborate with other people and write to organizations and corporations for help." 

John DeMatteo,
Athletic Director, P.S. 126/M.A.T.

"Thank you for everything you have done for the sports program over the last three years…We couldn't have done it without you."

-Rob Mehan, Assistant Athletic Director, P.S. 126/M.A.T.

"You rescued us from a situation that was quickly unraveling, and I thank you for your dedication and hard work…I have been singing your praises. You did an amazing job and we would have had anywhere near the success we did if were not leading the charge in the right direction." 

Rebecca Johnson,
Parent Coordinator, P.S. 126/M.A.T.


Manhattan Academy of Technology

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As a parent volunteer, Diane Rohan chaired the Silent Auction for the athletic department's annual fundraiser, the Funland Sports Carnival and Auction, in both 2011 and 2012. Prior to her involvement, the auction raised $2500. In 2011, the auction raised over $7500, and in 2012, over $12,000. Diane also conceived the school mascot idea, purchasing two "Dragon" heads from Chinatown, recruiting the two mascots, and working with the school's cheerleading coach, as well as the musical director, Nate Sutton. Mr. Sutton was present at all the basketball half times, with his advanced band, who played "Enter the Dragon," as the mascots ran through a tunnel of pompoms. Diane also coordinated the inaugural "Pancake Night" for the Music Department, earning praise (and the largest Thank-You card ever made) from Mr. Sutton and his music majors.

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