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"We've never had such unique or memorable events at Court TV. Each event was made special with Diane's uniquely talented vision."

Henry S. Schleiff,
Chairman & CEO, Court TV

"From getting us in and out of Little Haiti alive, well-fed and productive, to getting us in and out of airports, conference rooms, restaurants, hotel rooms and the like, on time and well taken care of. Thanks to Diane for her care and support—we've now kicked off the Year productively and in style."

Charlie Collier,
EVP, GM Advertising Sales,
Court TV

"You can't teach cool and you can't teach creativity, either. Diane pulled this party together and oversaw every detail—down to the two adorable Dalmatians welcoming the guests at the door—with creativity, cool and hard work thrown in as well." (Ad Sales Media Buyers Party, November, 2005)

Debbie Reichig,
SVP Sales Strategy, Court TV

"Just a note of appreciation for all the care and attention over the last couple of days. The TCA and both screenings, let alone the receptions and dinners were handled with extraordinary taste and creativity—really a fantastic job!"

Henry Schleiff
,Chairman & CEO, Court TV
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Court TV

(now TruTV)

Court TV

From March 2005 until June, 2006, Diane Rohan headed up the Special Events department, coordinating 49 events in 14 months for the CEO (Henry Schleiff), the PR department, the Ad Sales Department, the Affiliates Department and the Human Resources Department, coming in over $100,000 under budget, including events with Colin Powell, Nancy Grace, Eddie Hayes and Dominick Dunne, as well as screenings for "Unknown White Male" and "On Native Soil," as well as participation in the Toronto and Sundance Film Festivals.

Court TV Event
Court TV Henry Schleiff Event
"Dewars White Label on every bar" was a mantra while at Court TV, and to show Henry Schleiff I would never forget his favorite drink, I had an ice sculpture created for him. He said it was the "greatest (expletive) thing [he] ever saw," and asked how to get it (complete with the luge for instant gratification) to his apartment.
Court TV Henry Schleif fevent NY Post Page Six Cake, presented by Diane
Celebrating the launch of Objection by Court TV Anchor and author Nancy Grace are (from left to right): Dominick Dunne, Diane Clehane (Contributing Writer), Court TV CEO Henry Schleiff, Nancy Grace and CNN honcho Jim Walton. (June, 2005)
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